Mark Garland

"How Pilates has helped me: Racing off road motorbikes is known to be one of the most physically demanding sports thus making our training for it equally demanding! There is a constant search for different disciplines of training that will make one fitter to gain the edge!

Pilates definitely found a hole in my training programme that I didn’t even know about! The P6 Pilates program concentrates on slow controlled movements of the body; thereby training groups of muscles that I would normally neglect, strengthening injuries, increaing my flexibility and overall ( for lack of a better word ) improvement of body strength.

My body communicates better within itself and with more power. A simple movement on a bike such as squeezing the bike through a turn to keep it tracking and then putting the power down starts from my core, resulting in a safer higher corner speed!

My idea is to become the ultimate package for the bike, Pilates has definitely helped me get a couple of steps closer to this...."

Mark Garland

Enduro & Offroad National Competitor