Brian Capper

"It is also one of the toughest. As an athlete, we think we need to train Long distances on the bicycle, or train hard in the gym, but we don't think at all about our core muscle development. Or the importance of being supple and flexible. I have had 1 or 2 Big crashes since Ive added Pilates to my regime and have walked away from them relatively unscathed. I 100% put it down to the core strength and flexibility Ive gained from Pilates.

The other aspect I Really Love about Pilates is that you have to really concentrate, especially on Breathing and tensing certain muscle groups.

I have recommended P6 Pilates to many of my fellow racers and competitors and would strongly encourage anyone looking to improve their general well being to this program.

Tami has a great way of designing programs according to your personal preferences trains us around our injuries and in fact lightly works on and strengthens those weak areas.

I endorse P6 Pilates 100% "