Your Instructors

Tami Roger-Lund, owner and instructor:

  • National and International Diplomas in Health & Skincare Therapy
  • Certified Fitness Trainer- International Sports Sciences Association
  • Certified Pilates Instructor- Trifocus Fitness Academy

“All my studies have led me down the path of health & wellness, and every day I strive to find ways to better your physical health. This is a never ending field of study, and I am constantly updating my knowledge and refining my trade. This means that P6 is a business that is constantly evolving and you as my client will constantly evolve and benefit from my knowledge.I have been working and studying in the health & fitness industry for 9 years now, 6 of which have been in the Pilates industry. I have trained some exciting people over these years and pride myself on the fact that my clients seem to become part of the furniture. I am also quite proud that my studio has a very heavy male client base- something quite unusual for a Pilates studio just proving that Pilates isn’t only for girls! (Have a look at the reviews on the right hand side.)

My goal is to share my knowledge with you. I want you to learn how your body is unique, how to train and treat it in the best possible way so that you gain control over your body. After all, you have an exciting life ahead of you; don’t let an unbalanced body stop you from living it!!”